Welcome to the Alabama Land Surveyor Local Online Marketing website. At this time we’re taking reservations for websites in your local area. Please review the information and videos below to get an idea of what we can do for you and your business bottom line.

As I says in the video, the “bait” is the keywords that we want to be found for. So, we first identify the keywords that your company needs to be found for. This is Keyword Research. For Land Surveyors, some of those keywords are:

  • surveyor – 14,800 searches per month in the USA on average
  • land surveyor – 9,900 searches/month
  • land surveyors – 4,400 searches/month
  • elevation certificate – 2,900 searches/month
  • alta survey – 2,900 searches/month
  • land survey cost – 1,300 searches/month
  • boundary survey – 720 searches/month
  • topographic survey – 590 searches/month

For more keywords, click on this PDF File Link.

The next step is to get upi fishing in the right place, on the FRONT page of Google. We call this getting the site ranked, and the process is Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

As a test of what we can do for your company, try some of the above keywords in Google and add a city in the State of Alabama like… Huntsville, Oxford, Talladega, Dothan, Tuscaloosa, Auburn, Montgomery, etc. (ie. “land surveyor dothan alabama“) In each of these cities we have created an Authority Website and gotten the sites ranked on top for most, if not all, of those keywords and more.

Again, call Keith TODAY at (205) 736-7771 to get started on the most successful local online marketing you can do.

If you want more in-depth info about how Google Search works, please click on the following three 5-minute videos (15 minutes total) for a review of Local Online Marketing for Land Surveyors. These videos explain what we can and will do for you in helping to get your phone ringing with more and better work. (Videos will open in a new window. Close that window when you’re done and come back here for the next one.)

Local Online Marketing for Land Surveyors: Introduction Video

Local Online Marketing for Land Surveyors: Keyword Research Video

Local Online Marketing for Land Surveyors: Contracting Our Services Video

For a PDF of the slideshow that I created for these videos, click on this PDF File Link.